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ROSE BLOSSOMS rose absolute

ROSE BLOSSOMS rose absolute

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ROSE BLOSSOMS rose absolute is an extremely feminine, spicy-sweet floral fragrance. Rose Blossoms absolute is known as the queen of fragrances. Ideal for perfumery to enhance and crown almost any fragrant creation. No imitation can come close to the exquisite beauty and complexity of a real rose. It is an excellent skin care oil, especially for mature and sensitive skin types. Nurturing and comforting, it is the best choice for healing grief or a broken heart. Add some synergy to help you deal with everyday stresses and anxieties. It goes well with jasmine, neroli, geranium, lemon, mandarin and ylang ylang.

It is a pure therapeutic grade aromatherapy absolute from Turkey, derived from flowers.

Botanical name: Rosa damascena
Cultivation: absolute
Origin: Turkey
Production method: extracted
Plant part: flowers
Main chemotypes: phenylethyl alcohol, citronellol, nonadecane, geraniol, nonadecene

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