The company UAB Emblika, which has been operating in Lithuania for 22 years, is the business of the united, hardworking and loving family of Arvydas and Rūta Čilinskas, which unites many professionals in the field of beauty.

Cosmetological innovations are one of the company's activities, the main goal of which is to select and offer the highest quality and efficiency tools for professional face and body care, as well as preparations for performing aesthetic procedures, as well as for every person interested in using quality products for beauty and health purposes.

We are pleased to be able to offer our beloved customers carefully selected professional products for use in face and body skin care at home and wellness, purchase and e-mail. in the store

Cosmetological innovations have been created by analyzing market needs over a long period of time. We have taken a responsible look at the desire of cosmetologists and doctors to introduce innovations in salons and clinics, their desire to improve as specialists by working only with the highest quality therapeutic cosmetics. Also, to develop the ability to receive clients with care, to communicate with them professionally, to preserve human beauty by ensuring the effectiveness of performed procedures, to share scientific knowledge, because this is the only way to ensure the highest standards of a beauty salon or clinic.

We create harmonious, trust-based relationships with clients, foster a responsible approach to nature and its resources, to human health and beauty. We strive to ensure that the cosmetic products of the brands we represent meet the highest quality standards.

We have 3 company offices - in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Trakai.

We represent well-known brands to professionals, as well as organize seminars, master class trainings and congresses, where Lithuanian and foreign doctors and cosmetologists present innovative methods of performing procedures, provide knowledge of anatomy, skin structure and physiology, and promote an innovative approach to the health of human skin.

Our customers are the most important to us, so we make every effort to contribute to their professional work in the field of beauty and provide the highest quality knowledge and training based on the latest beauty standards, using the most professional tools and materials.

We are the official representatives of the following brands in Lithuania:

Enerpeel, Tebiskin, Oshadhi; in April; CellBooster; McCosmetics, Charmes De La Jeunesse;

  • Apriline ® is a Swiss brand inspired by nature and science, whose range includes fillers, biorevitalizers and preparations for mesotherapy classified as professional invasive procedures. Due to the advanced single-phase production process, the purity of Apriline® fillers is guaranteed, there is no BDDE residue. The quality of the product is significantly higher than specified in the strict EU requirements.
  • CELLBOOSTER ® Swiss complexes (boosters) are the first stabilized complexes on the market marked CE (class III medical devices), developed using the patented CHAC technology. They combine the power of nature and the latest innovations in the aesthetic industry. The unique blend of uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins has been carefully selected to match the skin's innate physiology*. CELLBOOSTER ® complexes benefit from customized formulas that increase molecular stability and result in noticeably longer-lasting results.
  • Charmes de la Jeunesse cosmetic products are filled with the extraordinary luxury of nature. Materials of natural origin used in the production of products are grown on certified organic farms, ensuring their high quality and optimal effect. Today, the products are also used in the field of beauty and daily skin care at home. Organic oils, extracts of Mediterranean plants and rare medicinal plants, flower hydrolats, marine collagen, snail filtrate secretion, elastin, hyaluronic acid, allantoin - natural ingredients enriching the composition of Charmes de la Jeunesse cosmetic products, guaranteeing the highest quality and effectiveness!