TEBISKIN® Cytoceuticals

Products based on science and the latest technological advances to give or maintain beautiful and healthy skin. The products are developed taking into account the complex mechanisms, the molecular biology of keratinocytes and fibroblasts, which influence the activity of epidermal and dermal cells, the main layers of the skin's structure.



With over 30 years of experience, Oshadhi guarantees the best possible quality pure essential oils. This is ensured by maintaining long-term relations with their producers, high standards of ecological certification and analysis, as well as constant attention to the conservation of plant-specific energy. Each essential oil bottle is filled with high vibrational music to maintain and enhance the special energy of the plant.


Charms De La Jeunesse

the composition of cosmetic products is enriched with natural ingredients that guarantee the highest quality and effectiveness. Products for daily skin care, essential oil blends and vegetable oils are suitable for different skin types and different skin conditions.


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Charms of youth


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