privacy policy

  1. Introduction

1.1. UAB Emblika i.k. 181681924 respects your privacy and seeks to ensure that Customers and Visitors are sure of this, therefore it collects, stores, uses and discloses your personal data, including Personal Information that you have provided using the electronic trading platform (system) operated by the Seller, which operates in the online space and is available at the web address only as described in this Privacy Policy.

1.2. The Seller ensures the security and confidentiality of Visitors' and Customers' Personal Information provided using the Website's tools in accordance with the conditions set out in the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is an integral and inseparable part of the Rules, the purpose of which is to protect and protect the Personal Information of Website Customers and Visitors from illegal use.

1.3. The seller is a personal data controller registered in the State Register of Personal Data Controllers. Acting as a personal data controller, the Seller has the right to process the Personal Data of Visitors and Customers, including, but not limited to: e-commerce and direct marketing and other purposes, in accordance with the procedure specified in this Privacy Policy and/or any other document of the Rules.

1.4. By submitting Personal Information through the Website, you confirm that you agree to the Privacy Policy and Rules, and you also confirm that your Personal Information will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. We draw your attention to the fact that the Privacy Policy is mandatory for any person who visits the Website and/or, using the tools installed on it, purchases Goods and otherwise uses the Website or its part, as well as any services, tools or any other content of the Website. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you may not use the Website and any services, tools available on the Website or any other content of the Website.

1.5. Your Personal Information may be processed by the Seller not only in the country where it was collected, but also in other countries where less strict laws governing the processing of Personal Information apply. The Customer also understands and agrees that Personal Information, as well as any other information collected by the Seller related to the Customer, may be stored both in the Republic of Lithuania and in any other country. By using the Website, the Customer agrees to the transfer of the above information outside the Customer's country.

1.6. To inform Us about a violation of the Privacy Policy, if you have questions, claims or if you need Our help regarding the interpretation of the Privacy Policy or its application, please contact us by e-mail. by mail or by mail to UAB Emblika, Bernardinų st. 2 C Trakai LT 21114 We will respond to your inquiries received in writing within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of receipt of the inquiry.

  1. Concepts

2.1. Capitalized terms and expressions in the Privacy Policy are defined in the Website Usage Procedures, other Rules documents and/or other requirements and instructions available on the Website, except to the extent that in this document, including its preamble, capitalized terms are given the following meanings:

2.1.1. Personal data - Personal information about the Visitor and/or Client who is a natural person. Personal data is any information related to a natural person - a data subject whose identity is known or can be directly or indirectly determined using such data as a personal code, one or more physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social characteristics characteristic of a person signs

2.1.2. Cookies are small files sent to your browser and stored on your computer, phone or other device. Their purpose is to help websites remember your actions in the past.

  1. Anonymity and automatic processing of anonymous information

3.1. The tools installed on the website make it possible to use it anonymously, that is, to use it in such a way that only Anonymous information is collected about you using the tools of the website. The website can be used anonymously by both Visitors and Customers who are not logged in to their Account. You can use the Website anonymously until you decide otherwise or until you decide to perform actions on the Website that require the disclosure of your Personal Information (for example, creating an Account or logging into your Account, placing an order for Goods (including placing an order for Goods as a Guest) etc.).

3.2. The website does not automatically collect any of your Personal Information. Please note that the Website automatically collects the following Anonymous data about you:

3.2.1. the data contained in the cookie files. More detailed information about the Cookie Policy is available in the Cookie Policy section of the Privacy Policy;
3.2.2. The website can also collect information normally collected by system administrators, login logs (English "Logs"). The information contained in the login logs may, among other things, store the IP address, login platform and internet browser, internet service provider and page address from which the Visitor and/or Client who is not logged in to their Account came to the Website.

3.2.3. Some subcategories of the Website and other means of communication with the Customer may include so-called "Web Beacons". Web Beacons are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Seller's advertising. These data will not be associated with the Personal Information you provide. This data will be archived and used for statistical analysis and evaluation of the global movement of Website Visitors and/or Customers. Web Beacons allow us to collect information such as IP address, URL page number, Website load time, browser type and information contained in cookies.

  1. Collection and use

4.1. Each time the Visitor and/or Client, who is not logged in to their Account, visits the Website, the Seller's servers temporarily save information about the connecting device, that is, Anonymous information listed in Clause 3.2 of the Privacy Policy. During this procedure, regardless of the actions of the Visitor and/or Client who is not logged in to their Account, the specified Anonymous Information is automatically collected and stored until it is automatically and/or manually deleted. This Anonymous information is collected and processed so that the Visitor and/or Client who is not logged in to their Account can use the Website (log in), to guarantee the continuous security and stability of the system, to enable the technical administration of the network infrastructure, as well as to to optimize the activities of the Website and the Seller at the same time and for the purposes of internal statistics. In addition, the IP address may be investigated and used in cases of violation of the Rules, attacks against the Website infrastructure, for statistical purposes and in other cases where this is provided for in this Privacy Policy or applicable legal acts.

4.2. After the Customer connects to his Account, the Seller collects and stores Personal Information that identifies the Customer. In this case, the following Personal Information about you may be collected and stored:

4.2.1. name, email address, postal address, telephone number, other contact information and any other information provided in Your Account;

4.2.2. when the Customer wishes to receive an invoice for purchased/purchased Goods, for the purposes of issuing and accepting invoices - financial information that you provide when purchasing the Goods;

4.2.3. information about your actions that you as a Customer perform on the Website (including the history of the purchase of Goods);

4.2.4. For website administration purposes, the Seller may also collect information about the device you use to access the Website (for example, personal computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc.);

4.2.5. other information related to your actions on the Website when purchasing Goods using the Website, including device identification number, login information, page view statistics and data on standard login information;

4.2.6. additional information from you or about you, which is not separately described in this document (for example, information related to your appeals to the Seller);

4.2.7. other information you provide on the Website, including your choice to receive Seller's promotional offers or not, as defined in the Advertising and Online Surveys section of the Privacy Policy.

4.3. The main purpose of collecting your Personal Information is to ensure that operations on the Website and purchase of Goods go smoothly and without interruption, all operations are safe, efficient and individually tailored. You agree and confirm that the Seller has the right to use your Personal Information, including that specified in Clause 4.2 of the Privacy Policy, for the following purposes:

4.3.1. recognizing Customers on the Website and administering Customer Accounts;

4.3.2. when executing orders for Goods, selling and delivering Goods to the Client and ensuring access to the services and information offered by the Website;

4.3.3. improving the Website in order to adapt it to your needs, i.e. adapting, evaluating and improving i) the execution of transactions of purchase and sale of goods using the means of the Website; ii) Website services; iii) Website Content; and (or) iv) advertising;

4.3.4. handling complaints, if any;;

4.3.5. checking the data sent from the Website;

4.3.6. performing Customer demographic surveys;

4.3.7. preventing, detecting and investigating potentially prohibited or illegal actions on the Website;

4.3.8. informing you about the Seller's Goods;

4.3.9. with your separate consent, conducting direct marketing;

4.3.10. providing other Website services and assistance to you, for other purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, as well as for other purposes that are specified in a specific case when information is collected.

4.4. The provision of personal information specified in point 4.2 of the Privacy Policy and consent to its processing is voluntary, but necessary for you to be able to use the Website properly and fully, including for the Seller to be able to properly fulfill your orders for Goods.

4.5. The Seller stores actual data about your Product orders, but in order to ensure the security of your data, the Seller does not have direct access to such data. As a Customer, you can get all the information about the Product orders submitted to the Seller by logging in to your Account. Using the tools installed in the Account, you can view your Product orders and change your contact details. You must protect your Account access data and not disclose them to third parties, in accordance with the requirements and procedures specified in the Rules.

4.6. The information that the Seller collects when you register and/or participate in surveys is also used to improve the Website services, to meet the needs and wishes of the Customers, including the use of information in direct marketing, as far as the Website services provided to you are concerned.

4.7. Pursuant to the Privacy Policy, the Seller also has the right to use your Personal Information for its own internal purposes, including contacting you by e-mail in order to inform you about updates to the Products, Website and to provide information related to e-commerce transactions that you make on the Website, etc.

  1. Advertising and online surveys

5.1. The seller does not give third parties access to your Personal Information, nor does it sell any information about you to any third parties without your separate consent.

5.2. We will only send you the Seller's commercial/promotional information - newsletters - to the contact e-mail address and (or) phone number you specified, after receiving your separate consent, given by filling out the registration forms or in another way (e.g. through the so-called "check-box") and other. With your consent, we will send such information (e.g. newsletters) to you via SMS messages and/or to your e-mail address. Your consent for us to send you such information is voluntary and not necessary for the fulfillment of orders for Goods and may be withdrawn at any time. If you do not provide a separate consent, but later decide that you wish to receive the commercial/promotional information specified in this point from the Seller or in the event that you decide to refuse to receive such information, you can submit a request to us at any time by e-mail: info@ or using other Website settings (if applicable).

5.3. In any case, you may not refuse to receive administrative information from the Seller related to the purchase of Goods, the services provided by the Seller or the Website (including the Rules), except in cases where the Account is canceled. In addition, you cannot opt ​​out of messages sent by the Seller, which contain legal information related to the purchase of Goods and/or the use of the Website.

5.4. In order to collect information about what Visitors and/or Clients prefer when using the Website, and also Clients - when purchasing Goods, the Seller may conduct surveys of Visitors and/or Clients. These surveys are optional. In the event that you decide to participate in such surveys, your answers will remain anonymous, unless otherwise indicated in the case of a specific survey. We may also conduct surveys based on certain requirements, during which Customers may be asked to provide contact or demographic information such as name, email address and postal address. In any case, the Seller will not provide such information to any third parties, unless otherwise provided in a specific case.

  1. Disclosure of information

6.1. The Seller has the right to disclose Your Personal Information when required by applicable legislation, as well as in the implementation of legal and reasonable, i.e. complying with legal requirements, the Seller's policy and rules, for example, in response to received complaints or other complaints when the rights of third parties are violated or legitimate interests or to protect other persons, their legitimate interests or property.

6.2. With your separate consent, as determined in point 4.3.9 of the Privacy Policy, the Seller has the right to disclose your Personal Information for Direct Marketing purposes.

6.3. You agree and confirm that the Seller will provide your Personal Information:

6.3.1. Seller's partners - third parties whom the Seller uses as service providers for Third-Party services when ordering Goods or providing other services to you (partners providing Goods delivery, payment collection, other services ordered by the Customer, as well as Seller's partners providing Website support and ( ar) maintenance, other services that help the Seller to develop activities or perform other operations on the Website);

6.3.2. to other third parties, when you submit a corresponding request to provide your Personal Information (or to third parties that are clearly notified to you in another way and the provision of information is agreed upon using a specific service);

6.3.3. to law enforcement institutions in accordance with the procedure provided by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and if it is necessary to prevent or investigate criminal acts;

6.3.4. structural units of the Seller or related companies;

6.3.5. to other business entities, in the event that the Seller merges with another legal entity, if the Seller acquires another legal entity or the Seller is acquired by another legal entity, as well as in cases where the Website or assets related to the Website are transferred.

6.4. In the cases specified in point 6.3 of this Privacy Policy, the Seller will transfer the minimum amount of your Personal Information. Without your express consent (prior or separate), the Seller will not sell, rent or further distribute your Personal Information to third parties, except in cases where it is necessary for the implementation of the provisions established in the Privacy Policy, or the Seller will be legally obliged to do so.

6.5. The data and information specified by the Customer are known only to the Customer, the Seller and the Seller's partners, who must maintain the confidentiality of this data and for whose actions the Seller is responsible. The Seller guarantees that as long as the Customer does not publish comments or other content on the Website that will be visible to other persons using the Website, together with the data that will be provided in this case, the Seller will not disclose the data and information specified by the Customer to anyone, unless it is requested or required by the entities , guided by the applicable legal acts, who have the right to receive such information from the Seller.

  1. Rights and obligations of customers related to the processing of their Personal Information on the Website

7.1. When registering as a Customer, i.e. when opening (creating) an Account on the Website, you will be asked to provide Personal Information.

7.2. After becoming a Customer, you can log in to your Account and independently manage the Personal Information provided in your registration form, change the data provided in it, update or delete this data. If, in your opinion, this solution is insufficient, you have the right to contact the Seller Privacy Policy You have the right to demand that the Seller provide you with all information about your data that is processed by the Seller. Customers also have the right to request the replacement, addition, update or removal of such data and the correction of errors. Customers also have the option to object to the processing of Personal Information for direct marketing purposes.

To exercise this right, please contact us by email. E -mail address: or in the manner specified in point 1.6. The seller will not change your Personal Information manually. Therefore, you understand and undertake to immediately update your Personal Information if it changes or is inaccurate.

7.3. Your password is the key to accessing your Account. When creating a password, use unique numbers, letters and special characters and do not disclose your Account password to anyone. After logging in to your account, you can change and update your data at any time. If you have forgotten your login password or are experiencing other problems logging in, please contact us by e-mail. e-mail address: or other contacts specified in the Rules.

7.4. If you disclose your password or any other Account information to others, you will be responsible for all and any actions taken using your Account, unless proven otherwise. If you lose your password, you will no longer be able to control the actions taken with your Personal Information and obligations may be incurred on your behalf for which you will be responsible. Therefore, if you suspect that your password can be used by anyone else, you should immediately notify the Seller about it, the contact data specified in the Privacy Policy. Your password is the key to accessing your Account. When creating a password, use unique numbers, letters and special characters and do not disclose your Account password to anyone. After logging in to your account, you can change and update your data at any time. If you have forgotten your login password or are experiencing other problems logging in, please contact us by e-mail. at the email address: info@ kosmetolinasinovacijos .lt or other contacts specified in the Rules and change your password, which is used to log in to the Account.

7.5. Please note, if you connect to the Website from a shared computer or a computer in an Internet cafe, certain information about you may be visible to other persons who will use the computer after you. If you share a computer with other people, always log out of your Account after you have finished using it. This is necessary even when you leave your computer for just a moment. This will ensure that third parties cannot see, use or change the Customer's information or data.

7.6. If you do not want the Seller to process your Personal Information, you can notify the Seller of such refusal at any time by submitting a request to the Seller. You can submit such a request in the manner specified in point 7.4 of the Privacy Policy. Upon receiving such a refusal, you will lose your Customer status and will no longer be able to use the Website as a Customer.

7.7. The Seller has the right to store Your Personal Information until the Account is canceled, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy and/or the Rules. Your Account is terminated and your Personal Information is deleted in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy and Rules. Upon cancellation of Your Account, You will lose access to Your data on the Website, unless otherwise specified in the Privacy Policy or Rules.

7.8. In order to ensure the implementation of the objectives of collecting Personal Information provided for in this Privacy Policy, Your Personal Information may be stored no longer than 2 (two) years after Your last login to the Account. Nevertheless, in case of reasonable reasons, the Seller reserves the right to set a correspondingly shorter or longer period of storage of Personal Information.

7.9. Without being limited to the above provisions, the Seller shall in all cases retain Personal Information about Customers who have been removed due to violation of applicable laws or Rules.

  1. Data protection

8.1. The seller, above all, tries to ensure the security of the data of his Visitors and/or Customers. In order to ensure the security of transmitted information and data, the Seller implements protective and organizational measures corresponding to the security threat of service provision. The Seller uses reasonable physical, electronic and procedural means and methods to protect the information it holds (including Anonymous Information) against loss, theft or any unauthorized use, disclosure or alteration.

8.2. All connections related to the execution of the Customer's payment, at the Customer's choice, will take place by establishing a secure connection with the used website.

8.3. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, despite the fact that the Seller uses the above reasonable measures, the Seller cannot and does not guarantee the security of your Personal Information, as it is provided or collected online. In addition, the measures implemented by the Seller may not be sufficient if you do not comply with the security rules. First of all, Customers must not disclose their login data to third parties. Please note that the Website tools such data - e-mail. e-mail address and password will be requested only when logging in to the Account. In order to prevent unauthorized persons from using your Account, please log out after using your Account and/or Website.

8.4. You can also reduce the risk of unauthorized use of Personal Information by your own actions if you exercise caution and choose reasonable security measures, such as choosing a strong password, using the latest anti-virus software, etc.

8.5. You have the right to demand that the Seller provides you with all information about your data processed by the Seller. Customers also have the right to request the replacement, addition, update or removal of such data and the correction of errors. Customers also have the option to object to the processing of Personal Information for direct marketing purposes. To exercise this right, please contact us by email. e-mail address: ,

  1. Cookie policy

9.1. Cookies are used on the website. The seller uses cookies for the following purposes:

9.1.1. for the proper functioning of the Website and improving your browsing (e.g. maintaining your session after logging in, remembering your settings, etc.);

9.1.2. for advertising and direct marketing;

9.1.3. for the collection of statistical data of the Website and the improvement of the Website;

9.1.4. The website uses the Google Analytics program developed and provided by Google Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Google) to perform website analysis services. Google Analytics uses cookies that allow us to analyze how you use the website. The information generated by the cookie about how you use the Website (together with the IP address) is transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored there. Google will use this information in order to be able to analyze your use of the Website, prepare reports on the popularity of the Website for its operator and perform other services related to the Website and its use. Google may transfer this information to third parties if required by applicable law or if these third parties process the information on Google's behalf. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google. After making certain settings in your browser software, you can prevent Google from installing Cookies, but we draw your attention to the fact that in this case you may not be able to fully use all the functions of the Website. By using the Website, you agree and confirm that all data related to your activity on the Website may be used by Google for the purposes and methods listed above.

9.2. All Cookies used on the Website can be temporary or permanent:

9.2.1. temporary Cookies are valid and are not removed until you browse in your browser;

9.2.2. persistent Cookies are not removed after closing the browser and the information stored in them facilitates subsequent access to Your Account (password, e-mail address). Such Cookies speed up and facilitate the use of the Website.

9.3. By using the Website, you confirm that you agree and allow the Seller to store Cookies on your end device (computer, phone, etc.).

9.4. With the help of your browser software, you can block the use of cookies and remove persistent cookies at any time. For more detailed information on how to manage Cookies in your browser, please refer to the "Help" tab of your web browser menu.

9.5. Blocking or limiting cookies may affect some functions of the Website.

9.6. The website uses the following cookies:

9.6.1. necessary cookies that are technically necessary to ensure the basic functionality of the website. Without these cookies, you would not be able to add items to your cart, place an order, or log into your user account.

9.6.2. analytical cookies that allow to make the website more user-friendly by analyzing and finding out how the user uses it. Such cookies also enable us to monitor the performance of different shopping channels.

9.6.3. remarketing cookies, which we use to deliver personalized advertisements to relevant audiences.

9.7. Please note that Cookies may also be used by the Seller's partners or other third parties over whom the Seller does not control. The Seller cannot and is not responsible for the actions of such persons. If you suspect that the Seller's partners or other third parties over whom the Seller does not control are using Cookies without your consent, you should contact a specific Seller's partner or other third party.

  1. Third parties

10.1. This Privacy Policy governs only the use and disclosure of information that We collect from You through the Website, unless otherwise expressly stated in the Privacy Policy. If you disclose your Personal Information to other persons through the Website or other online pages, whether they are Customers or third parties, different rules may apply to the use and disclosure of the relevant information.

10.2. The website may contain links to other websites. The Seller does not control the content of these websites and is not responsible for their content. These websites may have their own privacy policies, which we recommend you familiarize yourself with. The seller does not control the privacy policies and/or other rules applied to you by third parties, therefore you yourself, at your own discretion and risk, are responsible and undertake to comply with them in cases where they are applied to you. The Seller is not responsible for the privacy policy or any other content of other websites when the Website contains a link to other websites or they contain a link to the Website. When clicking on a link, logo or other element of the Website, or using the services available on the Website, including online communication, please note that by clicking on any of the aforementioned elements, you may exit the Website.

10.3. The Seller does not collect any information about the Customers from third parties, except for the cases provided for in the Privacy Policy or the Rules, as well as when the requirements of legal acts, the Rules or the rights of third parties are violated.

10.4. We also use the services of Facebook, Google, and other online advertising providers. You can read about the privacy policies of these service providers, the data collected and the personal data protection measures applied in the privacy policies of the aforementioned service providers. More information about how it works, as well as information about how you can disagree with the display of such advertisements or such use of data, can be found in the information provided by the aforementioned service providers - ; .

10.5. Analytical and remarketing cookies are transferred to third parties already depersonalized and you cannot be identified from such cookies.

  1. Final Provisions and Dispute Resolution

11.1. Applicable law and rules applicable to dispute resolution issues are specified in the Website Terms of Use.

11.2. The Seller reserves the right to adjust this Privacy Policy or any part of it and any related information from time to time in accordance with the Rules.

  1. Notification validity and changes

12.1. This version of the privacy policy is valid from 2024. January 30 If the content changes, we will publish its updated and valid version on the website