The Lithuanian National Association of Dermatocosmetology and Aesthetic Mesotherapy Specialists, (abbreviated as LND EMSA), was founded on July 2, 2015.


Goals and objectives of the association:

  1. To carry out informational, educational and professional qualification raising activities;
  2. Seek partnership relations in the field of dermatocosmetology and aesthetic mesotherapy between Lithuanian and foreign companies and organizations;
  3. Make suggestions, participate in the development of professional standards and legislation, improve the regulation and supervision of dermatocosmetology and aesthetic mesotherapy activities.
  4. To represent the members of the Association at international events and organizations.
  5. To introduce the latest achievements in the fields of aesthetic mesotherapy and dermatocosmetology.

We are happy to contribute to significant changes in the scientific field of aesthetic mesotherapy and dermatocosmetology. It is very important for specialists to cooperate, exchange their experience and the latest knowledge related to solutions to aesthetic problems of the body. Get to know the new mesotherapy healing methodologies and technologies, ongoing clinical and scientific research, ongoing projects, their implementation and development opportunities in the Baltic countries.

Become a member of the Lithuanian National Association of Dermatocosmetology and Aesthetic Mesotherapy Specialists and you will have a great opportunity to improve your professional skills, raise your qualifications, meet and chat, and extend the cooperation that has become a tradition in solving topical aesthetic problems of dermatocosmetology and aesthetic mesotherapy. To look for the best solutions and new partnership relations together.


V-level dermatocosmetology and aesthetic mesotherapy specialists with practice in this field, specialty certificates and diplomas issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania can become full members of the association.

Associate members can be natural and legal persons and students of medical sciences or other fields related to dermatocosmetology and aesthetic mesotherapy.

Honorary members can be persons with professional achievements in dermatocosmetology and aesthetic mesotherapy - and other medical fields, or active activities for the Association.

LND EMSA member privileges

  • 50% discount for "Injective cosmetology" magazines.
  • 50% discount for theoretical mesotherapy seminars.
  • 15% discount for mesotherapy Master Class training.
  • Once a year, LND EMSA members are invited for free to an event where the news and achievements of aesthetic mesotherapy and dermatocosmetology will be discussed together with a lecturer.