Charms De La Jeunesse

The magical African sun, the Mediterranean Sea, the strength of the Atlas and the Sahara desert combine in Charmes De La Jeunesse cosmetic products, which are filled with the extraordinary luxury of nature. Materials of natural origin used in the production of products are grown on certified organic farms, ensuring their high quality and optimal effect. Charmes De La Jeunesse cosmetics, created in the "Le Secret" laboratory, gently but precisely care for the skin of the face, guaranteeing a pleasant touch of the product on the skin, like a kiss of nature. The enchanting, sweetly refreshing aroma of geranium, neroli and lavender is felt with every stroke. It gives the skin a pleasant feeling of luxury. The range of products created by the laboratory was available only to the best rated spa centers in Tunisia that used thalasso and balneo therapies in their wellness programs. Today, the products are also used in the field of beauty and daily skin care at home. Organic oils, extracts of Mediterranean plants and rare medicinal plants, flower hydrolats, marine collagen, snail filtrate secretion, elastin, hyaluronic acid, allantoin - natural ingredients enriching the composition of Charmes De La Jeunesse cosmetic products, guaranteeing the highest quality and effectiveness!

The range consists of different product groups:

Products for daily skin care - serums, day and night face creams and cream for the skin around the eyes.

Products for daily skin care : - cleansers, alum stone deodorants, lotions, creams, hydrolats.

Problem skin care products. Creams and lotions against psoriasis, hydrolats, a mixture of essential oils for acne-prone skin.

Mixtures of essential oils - intended for individual use, according to the chosen method of application or for solving various aesthetic skin problems.

Plant Oils – Oils can be used pure or blended with other oils, essential oils or butters to create your own elixirs. They are used on the skin or hair depending on the desired effect.

Products for professional use:

Massage oils, alginate masks, masks for mud applications according to areas of action.

The assortment is complemented by separate products for problem skin care, they are not included in the sets and are sold separately. Charmes De La Jeunesse cosmetic products are designed to improve all skin types and various accompanying skin conditions:

  • Oily skin - moisturizes, reduces the amount of rash elements on the skin, tightens pores, smoothes the skin, suppresses inflammation, prevents the formation of scars and acne.
  • For dry and sensitive skin - smoothes fine lines, intensively moisturizes. Restores the good condition of dehydrated skin. Highly recommended for rehabilitation after aggressive aesthetic procedures.
  • For young skin - smooths mimic wrinkles, reduces inflammation, prevents the appearance of pigmentation.
  • Mature skin - increases tone and elasticity, smoothes wrinkles, improves metabolic processes in tissues, reduces puffiness, gives skin freshness and improves its color, lightens pigment spots.

In an effort to contribute to sustainability, cosmetic products are placed in sealed glass containers, separate secondary packaging made of cardboard is not used for packaging, thus contributing to the preservation of forests. On request, we present individual products in bags that are made by recycling secondary raw materials.

The quality of the products, as well as their therapeutic and preventive effectiveness, are confirmed by certificates of conformity to the following standards: ISO22716:2013, ISO14001-2016, ISO9001:2015, ISO21149, ISO16212, ISO22717, ISO22718, ISO21150.

Let Charmes De La Jeunesse envelop your skin in the magic of youth!

Product uniqueness:

  • Natural raw materials grown on organic farms are used for the production of products.
  • High concentration of active substances and their great variety.
  • Optimum results are achieved when using Charmes De La Jeunesse cosmetics.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • The products are enriched with exclusive natural scents.
  • Produced to contribute to sustainability: the product is packaged in glass containers, no additional branded cardboard packaging is used for packaging, thus contributing to the preservation of forests.
  • Cosmetics are made in a laboratory based on recipes from the East and long-term experience of scientists.
  • The company adheres to strict compliance standards that ensure impeccable quality.
  • Charmes De La Jeunesse production was created by special order of UAB Emblika.
  • Cosmetic products are not tested on animals.
  • Without parabens and sulfates.
  • Suitable even for sensitive skin.