The company UAB Emblika was founded in 2002. This name is extremely sentimental for the family. The originator of the company name was Rūta's grandmother, named Emilija. For the whole family, she was a special person, inspiring hope, giving food for thought, motivating and always giving advice from the heart. Rūta's grandmother was the first teacher who instilled values ​​and worldview, taught her to love classics and literature. Grandmother was always like a ray of light for the family, surrounded by warmth, love and wisdom. In her honor, the company was named "UAB Emblika", this name means "Emilia's Flash".

The idea to start a company came unexpectedly. At that time, the manager Rūta took her younger son to the hairdresser, where a real surprise awaited them. After entering the barber shop, the mother asked the barber to cut the boy's hair short. The hairdresser's answer was unpleasantly surprising. She said that the boy was not a client, so the specialist refused to provide the service. After such words of the hairdresser, it became clear that a beauty salon, united by professionals in the field of beauty, who are able not only to provide a quality service, but also to ensure a high level of service quality, is simply necessary in the city of Trakai. In accordance with this vision, the "Ti Amo" beauty house was founded, which provided the beauty services of beauticians, hairdressers and manicurists. Cosmeceuticals meeting the highest quality standards, cosmetics for body procedures and correction were (and still are) used during the procedures. During 10 years of cultivating beauty houses and aiming to provide the highest quality results to customers, it was clear that even the best specialists must constantly "grow" and improve in the field of beauty, so the company went not only on the path of beauty, but also on the path of science, it started to organize trainings, training courses , seminars and congresses.
Gradually, the company's activities expanded, the whole family got involved, and more and more beauty specialists expressed their desire to cooperate. In 2022, the Čilinska family opened the clinic "Trakė esteticos centras" in Trakai, which provides the highest quality health care and youth services, interventional procedures and hardware cosmetology and treatment.

Therefore, today UAB Emblika is well-known among beauty specialists as an organizer of innovative trainings and a representative of medical cosmetics in Lithuania.