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ORANGE SWEET Orange essential oil Citrus sinensis

ORANGE SWEET Orange essential oil Citrus sinensis

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Oshadhi orange essential oil used in massage blends perfectly supports the lymphatic and digestive system and helps eliminate toxins. It is also suitable for the production of anti-cellulite mixtures, and is also used in skin care for various diseases. Sweet orange essential oil is less phototoxic than bitter orange.

Orange oil has long been popular for its joyful and uplifting scent. Children love its scent, and its calming effect makes it suitable for use in room diffusers to calm any agitation or anger, and dispel anxiety.

Botanical name: Citrus sinensis
Plant family: Rutaceae
Production: squeezed from orange peels
Cultivation: traditional cultivation (unmodified and analyzed)
Country of origin: Brazil
Plant part: bark
Scent family: citrus, sweet
Special Precautions: Do not use on skin if exposed to sunlight.
Main compounds: limonene, myrcene, alpha-pinene, linalool

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