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BOOK "Man and Plants An Ancient Alliance"

BOOK "Man and Plants An Ancient Alliance"

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This book consists of essays on holistic aromatherapy by Dr. Malte Hozzel. Malte's specialization is the relationship between plants, essential oils and people. He has a unique perspective on the effects of these plants on human health and consciousness. Malte believes that pure essential oils are our allies on the path to optimal physical well-being and happiness. He enjoys inspiring knowledge and enthusiasm for energy medicine in a new era of deeper plant awareness and self-healing.

"Medicinal and aromatic plants, expressing the highest intelligence of Nature, will help us to strengthen, restore health (if it is lost) and make our lives, individual and collective, more comfortable and more in tune with the heartbeat of the universe." - Dr. Malte Hozzel


Man and Plants:
Fragrances: A gift from Mother Earth
Aromatherapy and the science of life
Aromatic massage for immunity, energy and joy
Epilepsy: Thoughts on an Ancient and Modern Epidemic and Its Treatment
Herbal medicine and diabetes
Aromatherapy and modern medicine
Nature's defenses: Antimicrobial effect of essential oils
Sleep problems and some natural and aromatic methods
Energizing effects in Parkinson's disease
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