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BOOK "Essays on Holistic Aromatherapy"

BOOK "Essays on Holistic Aromatherapy"

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Dr. Malte Hozzel is the founder of the Oshadhi brand. He dedicated his life to connecting people with the healing energy of nature. This 200-page book contains several of his essays on specific plants and their essential oils, as well as some general topics such as the antimicrobial effects of essential oils, spring detoxification, and the use of essential oils in ADHD.

Nature heals
The miracle of scented light
Evolution Crisis: Health, Mind, and Essential Oils
No more migraines, no more headaches
ADHD: The answer to today's stress-ridden world
Spring detox with aromatherapy
Antimicrobial effect of essential oils
The magic of synergy
Did you know that cancer cells can smell smells?
Spring Allergies: Breathe freely and enjoy the renewal of life
Oils that heal, oils that kill
Aromatherapy to uplift the spirit

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