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CUMIN Cumin Cuminum cyminum essential oil

CUMIN Cumin Cuminum cyminum essential oil

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Cumin is distilled from the seeds of an annual herb that grows up to about half a meter in height. The oil has a pungent, warming and very penetrating aroma, familiar to many as the ground seeds are widely used in Indian cuisine. Understandably, it is mainly known for its stimulating and tonic effects on the digestive system, where it can help relieve discomfort. It can be used in a massage mixture and rubbed into the abdomen, but it can cause skin sensitivity, so use with caution and dilute well.

It is a pure therapeutic grade aromatherapy essential oil from Egypt, distilled from the seeds of the plant.

Botanical name : Cuminum cyminum
Plant family: Apiaceae
Type of production : Distilled
Cultivation: Conventional cultivation
Country of origin: Egypt
Plant part: Seeds
Smell: Pungent
Main compounds: cuminaldehyde, mentadienal, paracymene, gamma terpinene, beta pinene

Special precautions: Moderate phototoxicity, so do not use on skin in direct sunlight.

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