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A set of 24 SYNERGY essential oils

A set of 24 SYNERGY essential oils

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The magic of blends - Discover our handpicked 24 blends in trial sizes. Oshadhi's unique blends help create a mood that can relax, harmonize, energize, brighten your mood, improve concentration or strengthen your defenses. Discover your favorite scent blend now and enjoy the calming effect!

Kit includes: Contains 24 mixes of 1/2 ml each.

-Childhood dreams: Sweet protection. The warming composition of scents strengthens the tender souls of children in the cold season.

-Spruce forest: Forest bath: the aromatic mixture of different scents of spruce oils allows you to forget the stress of everyday life and gives you new strength.

-Sauna: Time to get away from everyday life. Fresh composition of wood sauna activates all senses and gives new strength.

-Orange Grove: Dolce Vita. The spicy blend of scents brings out the light and sweet sides of you.

-Little Prince: "Full of Love". The floral and fresh fragrance composition encourages your love and kindness towards your loved ones.

-Ester Blossom: Full of abundance. The mixture of floral and spice aroma gives you heart-filling moments with your loved ones.

-Regeneration: Refreshment: in harmony. The blend of floral and spicy fragrance gives you perfect harmony.

-Winter bath: When there is a storm or snow outside. A fresh blend of scents strengthens your protection.

-The magic of fragrance: inner harmony. The composition of floral-sweet scents of lavender, tangerine and pink geranium gives your soul the deepest peace.

-Relaxation: Relax. The blend of floral and citrus scents allows you to disconnect after work.

-Sweet rose: opens the heart. The sweet floral scented oil opens your eyes to the "rosy times" in your life.

-Tranquility: Scent: infinite silence. The spicy blend of scents connects your mind with your higher consciousness.

-Summer fragrance: Spring magic. The composition of fresh floral scent makes your heart beat faster for spring.

-Three suns: Radiant heat. A stimulating blend of scents connects you with the energy of the sun and invigorates you.

-Stress Relief: Help with stress. The spicy blend of scents provides deep peace in troubled everyday situations.

-Deep relaxation: Inhale and exhale. The sensual-sweet fragrance composition leads you to inner peace and serenity after a stressful day.

-Nature protects: The vital power of nature. A spicy blend of scents protects the body, mind and soul in troubled times.

- Clear focus. A fresh and spicy blend of scents revives your memory.

-Winter Recovery: Winter Health: Heal faster. This blend of spicy scents helps you recover from any shocks of the cold season.

-Meditation: Inner contemplation. A spicy balsamic blend of scents connects you to the spirit world.

-Night Blossom: Sensual nights. The exotic composition of jasmine, chamomile and yang-ylang scents gives you enchanting dreams.

-Winter Dreams: Winter's Winter: A Cozy Passage. Fruit spice scented oil creates a Christmas mood in your home.

-Inner peace: In your center. The blend of balsamic spicy fragrance leads you to a deep calm.

-Healthy atmosphere: Full of immune forces. The intensely stimulating composition of lemons, sweet oranges, wild thyme and rosemary scents strengthens the body, mind and soul.

HOW TO USE: Put three drops in a diffuser, on scented stones or in an Airome pocket inhaler and enjoy.

USES: Perfect for room aromatization, food aromatization, body care products or perfumes.

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