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TEBISKIN® IDRA moisturizing cream with softening effect

TEBISKIN® IDRA moisturizing cream with softening effect

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TEBISKIN® IDRA moisturizing cream with a softening effect moisturizes, smoothes and reduces the feeling of tightness, often felt in dry and dehydrated conditions skin

TEBISKIN® IDRA is a moisturizing and softening cream with a deep, long-lasting and intense soothing effect. The cream has a light texture, absorbs quickly, the skin becomes smooth and silky.

Urea softens calloused skin and binds water in the surface layers of the skin. Malic acid, a subtle alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) found in apples, has an emollient effect that helps reduce hyperkeratosis of the skin. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), a natural compound, has an intense sedative effect. The effective combination of urea, malic acid and MSM ensures the unique effectiveness of TEBISKIN® IDRA.

In order to increase the effectiveness of TEBISKIN® IDRA, specific technologies were applied: the PWS system (PhysioWaterSystem), when the water in the emulsion is replaced by a physiological solution that enhances the moisturizing and softening effect of urea.

This technology, together with oleosomes, ensures a long-lasting moisturizing effect, as the release of water contained in the cream is controlled.

USE: apply two to three times a day on the face, massaging until completely absorbed.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: urea, malic acid, MSM.

Official representative of TEBISKIN® in Lithuania UAB Emblika

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