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TEBISKIN® GLY-C STRONG skin tone evening serum

TEBISKIN® GLY-C STRONG skin tone evening serum

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TEBISKIN® GLY-C STRONG skin tone evening serum is a highly effective product that combines the exfoliating properties of glycolic acid and the antioxidant effect of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The concentrated formula allows you to achieve a quick and effective result in reducing the depth of dermal folds, hyperpigmentation and is perfect for sagging skin that has lost its elasticity. Due to its effect, TEBISKIN® GLY-C STRONG Booster serum can be used as a regular product to strengthen the result obtained during procedures or as a scrub for home use.

The serum combines the antioxidant properties of ascorbic acid with the brightening and exfoliating properties of glycolic (concentration used - 10%) and lactic acids. Their effectiveness is enhanced by ectoine, which provides a protective and calming effect.

USE: it is recommended to use on cleanly washed skin in the evening. After the serum is absorbed, you can apply other cosmetics. If you feel slight tingling of the skin, it is recommended to use the serum every other day. If the skin tingling persists, contact your specialist.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: ascorbic acid 10%, glycolic acid 10%, lactic acid 5%, ectoin, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).

QUANTITY: 1x5 /2x5 /4x5 ml

Official representative of TEBISKIN® in Lithuania UAB Emblika

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