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CELLBOOSTER® LIFT complex with hyaluronic acid

CELLBOOSTER® LIFT complex with hyaluronic acid

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CELLBOOSTER® LIFT - uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid 18 mg (6 mg/ml) with amino acids and vitamins.

Provides a lifting effect and smoothes wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin, improves skin tone and microcirculation. The stabilized formula provides a long-lasting effect, and the patented technology ensures better absorption of active substances. Highly bioavailable micronutrients match the physiology of the skin. Reduces moderate skin inflammatory processes, restores dermis density and deeply moisturizes and improves microcirculation.

Active components: uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid 18 mg (6 mg/ml), amino acids: arginine, glycine, lysine, proline, valine, vitamins: riboflavin (B2), sodium ascorbyl phosphate (C), tocopherol (E), biotin, phosphate buffer, pH 6.8-7.6 qs

N use: injections/microneedle mesotherapy.

Packaging: box with 6 x 3 ml vials.

Amount: 3 ml

Official representative of Apriline® in Lithuania UAB Emblika

Information and orders:

Vilnius region +370 686 52961,
Kaunas region +370 616 10490,
Klaipėda region +370 626 31010,

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