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PITTA essential oil blend

PITTA essential oil blend

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Dosha Pitta is made up of the elements of water and fire and governs heat, metabolism and transformation in the body. Harmonized pitta is characterized by radiant energy, good digestion and a sharp mind. Disharmonious pitta can manifest itself in skin rashes, stomach pains, inflammatory diseases, anger and aggression.

A synergistic blend to harmonize pitta with myrtle, mint, lavender and palmarosa.

This blend soothes the short-lived pitta personality and soothes skin irritations; its sweetness suppresses unbalanced pitta.
Diffuse the synergistic blend around the room using diffusers or aromatherapy lamps to calm pitta irritability and aggression and restore a sense of joy. The mixture is very intense, start with 1-2 drops. Can be inhaled directly from the bottle or from a handkerchief.

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