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GRAPEFRUIT Grapefruit essential oil Citrus paradisi

GRAPEFRUIT Grapefruit essential oil Citrus paradisi

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Oshadhi Grapefruit Essential Oil is the best choice. It has a sweet, tangy citrus aroma that is wonderfully cooling, cleansing and refreshing. It can be useful both for short-term measures (try using grapefruit to reduce fatigue on long trips) or long-term to revive a dull outlook on life. Sniff it straight from the bottle or use it in an aroma diffuser. Grapefruit also has a detoxifying effect, making it a useful addition to anti-cellulite and other detoxifying massage blends. It is a useful ingredient in skin care products, especially for oily or acne-prone skin.

Grapefruit goes well with bergamot, lavender, geranium, cypress, palmarosa, ginger and frankincense.

Botanical name: Citrus paradisi
Plant family: Rutaceae
Production: squeezed from grapefruit peels
Cultivation: Certified organic
Country of origin: USA
Plant part: bark
Scent family: Citrus
Special Precautions: Do not use on skin while in the sun.
Main compounds: limonene, myrcene, alpha-pinene, octanal, decanal.

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