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GINGER Ginger essential oil Zingiber officinalis

GINGER Ginger essential oil Zingiber officinalis

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Oshadhi Ginger Essential Oil has a warm, spicy and familiar aroma. A powerful antiseptic and stimulant, it supports the respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems. Ginger is strongly related to the digestive system. Try a few drops on a tissue if you're in rough seas and feel nauseous.

Ginger root is one of the main Ayurvedic remedies for stimulating the digestive fire (agni), and ginger essential oil is great for abdominal massage, where it can be used in a mixture. Warms and stimulates, encourages movement, but also soothes tired muscles. Provides a warming effect wherever it is used, making it perfect for use in the winter months. Combines well with ylang ylang, other spice oils such as clove, coriander, vetiver and most citrus oils.

Botanical name: Zingiber officinalis
Plant family: Zingiberaceae
Production: Distilled
Cultivation: Certified organic
Country of origin: India
Plant part: Rhizome
Odor family: resinous, spicy
Special Precautions: May irritate sensitive skin.
Main compounds: alpha-zingiberene, ar-curcumene, beta-sesquiphellandrene, bisabolene

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